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Nasodine® Common Cold Clinical Trial

Nasodine® Common Cold Clinical Trial

Would you like an opportunity to participate in our clinical trial of Nasodine® Nasal Spray for the common cold?


This trial is currently paused and will recommence in March 2023 with exact locations to be confirmed.

If you are an adult resident of South Australia or Victoria and would like to be notified when the trial resumes, you can submit your contact details via the form below.

Additional Information

The trial is randomised and placebo-controlled, meaning participants have a 50/50 chance of receiving the active nasal spray medicine or a placebo nasal spray.

Participants will be compensated for their time and expenses incurred in the study.

Participants will only need to attend one appointment and will then continue the nasal spray treatment regime at home or at work over 5 days, and complete a total of 14 days of brief electronic reporting of symptoms using a webapp.

We look forward to sharing more information when the trial recommences.